A thank you, and maybe next time

Hello everyone!
It is with a heavy heart that I pull the plug a couple of days early. I was planning on just riding it out until the end, but at this point there is just way too much ground to possibly think could be made up, and I will be traveling around the time the campaign officially ends.

I want to start by sincerely, truly thanking every single person who backed this project. It has been a dream of mine to make something this big for years, and the fact that so many of you pledged so much, truly means the world to me. Several people I barely know threw in support, and some people I know backed with very large sums of money. I really did set the goal at what I thought would be absolutely necessary, but the fact that I was able to get $4,096 truly amazes me.

Doing this with crowdfunding was never ideal, but I did think it was a way to see if there would be much interest in the project. One of the biggest things I wish could have been different, is I wish I had been able to show some actual footage of what the project would look/feel like when it was actually done. Unfortunately the amount of time and money that would take was just too great to do without knowing if it would pay off. It has certainly been stressful, and quite a roller coaster of emotions seeing how things had played out.

For anyone who is curious, I even spent a good chunk of money on various advertising. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and absolutely none of that paid off unfortunately. After all was said and done, the Kickstarter had 469 visits, the Kickstarter video was played 186 times from those visits, and of those 186 video plays, 28 people actually watched the video all the way through. I actually had more backers than I did full video plays!

But I do hope to someday make this a reality even if it’s much simpler than I had hoped it to be. Perhaps I can save up and shoot the first episode and try all this craziness again. Even though I do write this with a bit of sadness, I am not discouraged to keep trying to create.

Thank you again to all those who helped support this dream of mine! Onto the next thing!