Finished Shooting Kickstarter Video!

Hey everyone! I feel a bit weird posting this because I haven’t launched the project yet, so I know that no one will see it for a while, but I figured I should document everything along the way.

This past weekend I shot the Kickstarter video of me talking about the project. I am in the process currently of editing and compiling everything in the video, and so far I think it is looking pretty good. I have always been more of a behind-the-scenes type person, so it is weird to edit video of myself. The hardest thing to try and get across is exactly what I have in mind for how it will look and feel. I know that it is a bit confusing with all of the comic book art, and the title of “Musical” makes people think of stage production, where this is going to be a live action video series.  But hopefully that point gets put across successfully.

Now I am researching when is the best time and day to post a Kickstarter. It’s so weird putting so much time and work into something that may not even get funded! I have known several people who have done Kickstarter projects, but this is my very first one and I can tell you, it is incredibly nerve wracking!

Here are a couple of shots from the shooting of the Kickstarter Video.