Hello! My name is Ben Winterman and I am a videographer and songwriter/musician from Nashville, TN.  I have been working on this idea for a live action, zombie musical video series for over 5 years. I wrote the music for the first song and then developed the idea for the story, but I have not had the resources or the funding to make it come to life in the way that I imagined. I have toyed with the idea of doing a Kickstarter, and I am happy to finally be putting it into motion!

Hungry Hearts Musical is going to be a 5 episode zombie based musical. If the project is funded, there will be a comic book prequel that can establish story, characters, and lead us right up to the first episode and first song.

Hungry Hearts Musical is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to get funding to be created. Please check out our Kickstarter page here: